Simple, inexpensive, and fun! There's never been an easier way to create passive scalar broadcasts than with the KRT Perfect Personal Energy System:

    1. Simply place the item(s) whose energy you want to send atop a KRT Perfect Tesla Energy Pump and feel the energy flow.

    2. Add a witness to the stack to direct the broadcast to a person, plant, business, or other organization.

    3. That's it!

Works with colors, crystals, herbs, oils, gems, symbols, remedies, and imprinted/potentized radionic programs, as well as written intentions, prayers, and wishes. Dowse, muscle test, or use a radionic instrument to find the perfect combination of energies to send.

KRT Perfect Personal Energy System
Here's a short video on how to use our PPE system, which is an in expensive yet powerful way to harness Tesla energy technology.


KRT Coil

KRT Coils: Perfect Spiral Antennas

The KRT Perfect Spiral Antenna is a perfect Tesla energy pump, a pocket-sized version of the Perfect Spiral phase array reaction plate/antennas and KRT console instruments. Applications include:

  • Pocket dowser rub plates
  • Improving energy flow through the chakra
  • Clearing blockages on energy pathways
  • Direct energizing of food and drink
  • Passive scalar broadcasters: Simply place a witness, reagent, and/or written intention atop of the coil and you have a steady radionic broadcaster for a fraction of the price of a live-signal instrument.

The same size as a silver dollar, this pure gold-on-copper coil is the luckiest coin you will ever carry!

PPE User's GuideManual: KRT Coil User's Guide

$24.99 each
$49.99 Three Pack (buy 2, get 1 free)
$74.99 Five Pack (buy 3, get 2 free)
$249.00 20 Pack (1 tube of 20 PSA)
$499.00 60 Pack (buy 2 tubes, get 1 free)

KRT Coil Pendant

KRT Coil Pendant

Enjoy the energy enhancing power of the KRT Perfect Spiral Antenna by wearing it every day! Besides the energetic properties, wearers enjoy the elemental benefits of the three core metals used to create these attractive pendants:

  • Gold: recognized for its anti-infection properties
  • Silver: helps fight against fatigue and viruses
  • Copper: helps reduce infection and inflammation

Pendant coin holder and 1.66mm French Rope chains are 92.5% pure sterling silver.

$69.99 - KRT Coil Pendant (no chain)
$99.99 - KRT Coil Pendant w/ 18" chain
$119.99 - KRT Coil Pendant w/ 24 " chain


KRT PPE Colors KRT PPE Intents KRT PPE Symbols

KRT Perfect Personal Energy System

The KRT Perfect Personal Energy System builds on the foundation of the KRT Perfect Spiral Antenna by providing Energy Activators, Action Capsules, and a Programming Tube, an easy to use system that allows users to craft their own broadcast programs. Each set includes:

  • 4 KRT Coils
  • 4 Action Capsules
  • 12 Personal Energy Activators
  • 1 Program Tube

Each broadcast program may be sent passively using the included KRT Coils, or actively by placing the entire tube in the sample well of your radionic instrument. Or divide up the Coils and Coins to send multiple broadcasts!

Available sets include:

Crystal Colors: 12 hand-made pressed glass beads from the Czech Republic representing the complete color spectrum.

Intents: 12 KRT Coins emblazoned with some of the most popular statements and symbols of intent in 99.9% pure gold, atop a 99.4% pure copper substrate.

Symbols: 12 KRT Coins forged with fundamental geometric forms and classic symbols in 99.9% pure gold, atop a 99.4% pure copper substrate.

PPE FlierLearn more about the KRT Perfect Personal Energy System
PPE User's GuideManual: KRT Perfect Personal Energy System User's Guide
PPE User's GuideVideo: Learn how to use the PPE System

$199.99 - PPE Set: Colors
$199.99 - PPE Set: Intents
$199.99 - PPE Set: Symbols
$399.00 - Three PPE Sets (buy 2, get 1 free)

$3.00 - Action Capsule: Single
$4.50 - Program Tube: Single
$40.00 - 20 Action Capsules + 1 Program Tube

KRT PPE Power Pack KRT PPE Intents: Health KRT PPE Intents: Love KRT PPE Intents: Prosperity


KRT PPE Power Pack

By overwhelming demand, we've distilled the Perfect Personal Energy "Intents" Set down to the most popular and important elements:

  • 3 KRT Coils
  • 3 Action Capsules
  • Intent Coin: Healing
  • Intent Coin: Love
  • Intent Coin: Prosperity

By any measure, the most important things in life are good health, the power of love, and enough wealth to meet our needs and wishes. The PPE Power Pack delivers coins for all three of these gifts, along with three KRT Coils and three empty Action Capsules, so you can quickly and easily manifest the energy of these Intentions:

1. Place a KRT Coil on the table.
2. Place a photo, signature, and/or DNA witness for your target atop the KRT Coil, either loose or in an Action Capsule.
3. Add one or more Intention Coins to the stack.

Optional: Add a written intention with details that sharpen the focus of your project, either loose or in an Action Capsule.
Optional: Add a reagent (herb, oil, color, crystal, etc) that supports your project, either loose or in an Action Capsule.

Like the complete Perfect Personal Energy sets described above, these KRT Coils and Intent Coins are forged in 99.9% pure gold atop 99.4% pure copper, ensuring maximum clarity throughout the manifestation process.

PPE User's GuideManual: KRT Perfect Personal Energy System User's Guide
PPE User's GuideVideo: Learn how to use the PPE System

$99.99 - PPE Power Pack

$3.00 - Extra Action Capsule: Single
$4.50 - Program Tube: Single
$40.00 - 20 Action Capsules + 1 Program Tube


KRT PPE Intents

KRT PPE Master Coins: Introduction

KRT has partnered with three Radionics Masters to create Perfect Personal Energy Master Coins. These PPE coins are forged with the same materials as our other coins, but these are also radionically programmed/imprinted by these experts with complex energy programs that maximize positive impacts and benefits for the user. Each Master Coin is delivered in a protective Action Capsule.

Master Coins may be carried in the pocket or purse to directly impact the energy system of the user, placed atop a KRT Coil with a witness to create a Passive Perfect Personal Energy broadcast, or dropped into the sample well of any live-signal radionic instrument as part of a balancing broadcast.

Master Coin: Double Happiness Master Coin: Good Luck Master Coin: Prosperity

KRT PPE Master Coins

Justine Bartleywood -

Double Happiness: This Master Coin brings love and harmony into the user’s life, attracting and enhancing romance while strengthening all other relationships. Good

Good Luck: Infused with the energies of wealth, status, and power, this program invites the energies of fortune, luck, and abundance into the user’s everyday life.

Prosperity: An invitation for abundance and success to enter the user’s life, this coin encourages good fortune to rain down from the Heavens on whomever uses it.

$99.00 - Double Happiness
$99.00 - Good Luck
$99.00 - Prosperity

Justine Bartleywood translates complex astrological data from Western and Eastern disciplines into simple daily instructions that allow anyone to harness the cosmic forces that drive all of Heaven and Earth, then applies radionics to remove the specific obstacles from your path. In this way, she brings the singular combination of navigation, activation, and resonance to resolve your challenges and drive your opportunities to success. You can reach Justine at

Master Coin: Ho'Oponopono Master Coin: Release

KRT PPE Master Coins

Marty Lucas - Every Advantage Consulting

Ho’Oponopono: The ultimate balancing prayer of love and forgiveness, this program is infused with the ancient healing energies of “I am sorry”, “Please forgive me”, “I love you”, and “Thank you”.

Release: A combination of the 10 logarithmic levels above and below both Light and Love, this Master Coin allows the user to clear all energetic blockages on any issue or intention.

$99.00 - Ho’Oponopono
$99.00 - Release

Marty Lucas has a proven track record of success helping clients resolve real-world problems using subtle energy techniques and technology. He also has the ability to share this knowledge with workshop participants, whether they are brand-new beginners or fellow researchers who have decades of experience - with a natural teaching style that's effective, illuminating, and fun! If you need training or consulting services, please consider contacting Marty. You can reach him at Radionics.US.

Master Coin: Protection Master Coin: Sacred Geometry

KRT PPE Master Coins

Dan Mangum -

Protection: This Master Coin works to protect the user from the numerous unhealthy environmental influences present in modern life, including EMF, Glyphosate, Nanotechnology, Chemtrails, Dark Forces, Radioactivity, 5G, and more.

Sacred Geometry: The energetic template of the world is sacred geometry. Using this program, all aspects of sacred geometry are brought into a state of balance in the user. Specific activators include Platonic solids; Archimedian solids; seed, fruit, and flower of life; PHI ratios; and the Chestehedron.

$64.00 - Protection
$64.00 - Sacred Geometry

Dan Mangum is a radionic researcher who uses radionics to maintain a garden, greenhouse, fruit and nut trees, honeybees, a handful of horses and Shetland sheep, and his dogs. He also makes and sells radionic programs and reagents and an external antenna/rub plate of his own design, has authored several books on radionics, and teaches radionic classes. His background includes studying mysticism, magic and world religions for 30 years. He utilizes rife machines, orgone accumulators, homeopathy, and biodynamics. You can reach Dan at Harmonic Energy Works.

Perfect Spiral Phase Array Antenna


Add tremendous power to your KRT PPE broadcasts with no additional complexity!

While originally designed for use with live signal radionic instruments, all KRT Perfect Spiral Phase Array Antennas have the ability to be plugged back into themselves, creating a closed-loop passive circuit. In this role, Perfect Spiral Antennas act as massive KRT Coils and can be used to radically supercharge your PPE broadcasts. Simply use the Perfect Spiral Antenna in place of the KRT Coil.

They can even be stacked and plugged into each other if you need additional scalar capability!

Learn more about Phase Array AntennasLearn more about Phase Array Antennas

$395.00 - 32 Phase (4 Plates)
$495.00 - 40 Phase (5 Plates)
$595.00 - 48 Phase (6 Plates)



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