Kelly Research Technologies actively endorses the distribution and dissemination of information and resources meaningful to the community of alternative thinkers and researchers. The following links are intended to facilitate this spread of ideas and information. Enjoy, explore and expand your mind!


Aetheric Arts
Inventor and radionic researcher JosephMax's website is dedicated to research and development of Radionics, Psionics, Psychotronics and other related arts.

Context Institute
Since 1979 this nonprofit research organization has been exploring and clarifying just what is involved in a humane and sustainable culture - and how we can get there. More than 1,000 articles posted at this fantastic website.

Crystal Tiger
Karen Ryan is a Crystal Energy Therapist, Reiki Master and Gendai Reiki Shihan from Toronto, Canada. Her book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Crystals covers crystal science and historic connections as well as how to select and use crystals to empower and enhance your life when used in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Duncan Laurie's site documents efforts to develop and articulate art methodologies which employ subtle energy or engage Nature intelligence. "Panpsychism" is a term employed to describe a world where consciousness exists at every level of matter. Radionics, an alternative healing technology, is explored as a methodology for visual art and design. Radionically based tools and techniques are presented that lend themselves to experimental art and multi-media praxis.

The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists author Brian McInturff's site explores the application of naturopathic measures and  alternative bioelectronic devices to the improvement and/or restoration of personal health. An excellent resource for anyone interested in the study of Electroherbalism, this site has in depth information on numerous alternative health modalities.

Healing Partnerships
Judy Lynne Cole and Thomas Blaine Myers lead a team of myriad talents, including published authors, alternative health care practitioners, performers, educators, composers, and sonic researchers, while delivering training and consulting in nutrition, natural medicine, homeopathy, and radionics, among several other healing modalities. They are also medical distributors of plant-based and natural healthcare products, including leadership of medical sales for INRC, the world-wide manufacturer of Physician’s Desk Reference-listed SON Formula.

Jerry Decker's KeelyNet is an absolute treasure trove of information on Free Energy, Gravity Control, Electronic Health and Alternative Science. An absolute must see for any researcher whom is looking for answers.

Light Harmonics Institute
Founded in 1987 by Dr. Linda Lancaster, this healing and teaching center specializing in Energy Medicines. Light Harmonics is a Healing System based on the philosophies of Yoga, Ayurveda, Anthroposophy, TCM, Naturopathy and Homeopathy. The Institute offers introductory classes and certificate programs in various aspects of Energy Medicine, including Homeopathy, Medical Radiesthesia, Radionics, Subtle Anatomy and Nutrition, as well as Crystal, Gem and Flower Healing.

Nenah Sylver, PhD
Dr. Sylver's book, The Rife Handbook, takes a very detailed and well referenced look at the background of both allopathic (conventional) and holistic (complimentary) medicine, before introducing the reader to Rife resonance therapy, based on the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. Her book is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in frequency based resonance therapy.

Steve Westin
Steve Westin has been a big part of KRT since the early 1980s, when he was hand-picked by founder Peter Kelly to teach radionics. Steve's hands-on working knowledge of the Life Sciences, Subtle Energy, and ​Dr. Carey Reams Biological Theory of Ionization has made him one of the most trusted and sought-after educators, speakers, and consultants.

The Tom Bearden Website
Tom Bearden is one of the world's leading champions, theorists and primary researchers of Free Energy. Visit his site for in-depth papers, books and lectures that explore the scientific underpinnings of the entire field of radionics, as well as practically every other "subtle energy" technology.

United States Psychotronic Association
The USPA is back online with an all-new website and a YouTube channel! Since 1975 the USPA has served as a not-for-profit forum for discussion, publication, and congregation for the radionic and esoteric research communities, including charter member Peter J. Kelly. It is no exaggeration to say that the partnerships and alliances formed by Peter Kelly with the other USPA members played a pivotal role in the birth of Interdimensional Sciences and then Kelly Research Technologies.




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