Kelly Research Technologies actively endorses the distribution and dissemination of information and resources meaningful to the community of alternative thinkers and researchers. The following links are intended to facilitate this spread of ideas and information. Enjoy, explore and expand your mind!


Aetheric Arts
Inventor and radionic researcher JosephMax's website is dedicated to research and development of Radionics, Psionics, Psychotronics and other related arts.

Context Institute
Since 1979 this nonprofit research organization has been exploring and clarifying just what is involved in a humane and sustainable culture - and how we can get there. More than 1,000 articles posted at this fantastic website.

Duncan Laurie's site documents efforts to develop and articulate art methodologies which employ subtle energy or engage Nature intelligence. "Panpsychism" is a term employed to describe a world where consciousness exists at every level of matter. Radionics, an alternative healing technology, is explored as a methodology for visual art and design. Radionically based tools and techniques are presented that lend themselves to experimental art and multi-media praxis.

The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists author Brian McInturff's site explores the application of naturopathic measures and  alternative bioelectronic devices to the improvement and/or restoration of personal health. An excellent resource for anyone interested in the study of Electroherbalism, this site has in depth information on numerous alternative health modalities.

Harmonic Energy Works
Harmonic Energy Works creates energetic tools for radionic operators to help make work easier and get better results. Resources include energized programs and reagents that can be used in radionic broadcasts, reaction plate/antenna (rub plates) that can shorten broadcast times and improve results, and other hardware. The site also includes articles and information to assist beginning and experienced users alike.

Healing Partnerships
Judy Lynne Cole and Thomas Blaine Myers lead a team of myriad talents, including published authors, alternative health care practitioners, performers, educators, composers, and sonic researchers, while delivering training and consulting in nutrition, natural medicine, homeopathy, and radionics, among several other healing modalities. They are also medical distributors of plant-based and natural healthcare products, including leadership of medical sales for INRC, the world-wide manufacturer of Physician’s Desk Reference-listed SON Formula.

Light Harmonics Institute
Founded in 1987 by Dr. Linda Lancaster, this healing and teaching center specializing in Energy Medicines. Light Harmonics is a Healing System based on the philosophies of Yoga, Ayurveda, Anthroposophy, TCM, Naturopathy and Homeopathy. The Institute offers introductory classes and certificate programs in various aspects of Energy Medicine, including Homeopathy, Medical Radiesthesia, Radionics, Subtle Anatomy and Nutrition, as well as Crystal, Gem and Flower Healing.

Mid-South Radionics
George Kuepper is an agronomist who has spent his entire career working on sustainable and organic agriculture, through such noble entities as The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems in St. Louis, The National Center for Appropriate Technology (ATTRA), and the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Oklahoma, as well as in his own consulting practice. Since the 1980s, George has been using radionics to support the goals of his farms and his clients. Contact George to receive radionics training and/or consulting support on your farm!

Marty Lucas has a proven track record of success helping clients resolve real-world problems using subtle energy techniques and technology. He also has the ability to share this knowledge with workshop participants, whether they are brand-new beginners or fellow researchers who have decades of experience - with a natural teaching style that's effective, illuminating, and fun! If you need training or consulting services, please consider contacting Marty for a telephone consultation.
Justine Bartleywood translates complex astrological data from Western and Eastern disciplines into simple daily instructions that allow anyone to harness the cosmic forces that drive all of Heaven and Earth, then applies radionics to remove the specific obstacles from your path. In this way, she brings the singular combination of navigation, activation, and resonance to resolve your challenges and drive your opportunities to success.

Società Italiana di Radionica e Radiestesia
The Italian Society of Radionics and Radiestesia, was founded in Rome in 2015 by Dr. Alessandra Previdi to promote development, teaching and research in the field of radionics and radiesthesia in Italy. Its activities are: research and experimentation; the dissemination and promotion of radionics and radiesthesia; the publication of texts on radionics and radiesthesia, of a semi-annual digital newsletter, “Il Giornale di Radionica”; and the development of the potential of the human being on an energetic, mental and spiritual level. Dr. Alessandra Previdi was also the founder of preceding organization, the legendary Italian Radionics Society, in 1995.

United States Psychotronic Association
The USPA is back online with an all-new website and an active Facebook page. Since 1975, the USPA has served as a not-for-profit forum for discussion, publication, and congregation for the radionic and esoteric research communities, including charter member Peter J. Kelly. KRT President Ed Kelly served as a member of the USPA Board of Directors from 2011 to 2019.

Universal Energy Clearing
Heinz Gugger of Universal Energy Clearing has been a dowsing and radionics practitioner for more than 10 years: teaching, working, and consulting with clients all over the world. He uses dowsing and radionic practices to help and solve problems for clients in a wide variety of industries. Heinz is the exclusive distributor of KRT products in Australia, providing local inventory, support, and training.

World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE)
The World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the service of humanity by conducting and promoting innovative scientific research in countries worldwide on complementary, integrative, and traditional medicine therapies, especially electrotherapy and energy medicine, new forms of energy, consciousness, scientific anomalies, and other scientific subjects. WISE is also home to an incredible database of esoteric information and literature from across the ages.



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