Just like Interdimensional News (1983 - 2005) before it, the mission of the Kelly Research Report is to serve as a hub and beacon of information for the community of radionic and other vibratory science researchers. Our founder, Peter J. Kelly, was fond of noting the limitless power bound in the relationship between information and energy - the Kelly Research Report strives to be a source of both.


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Vol. 12, No. 1: Spring 2018
1: View from the Dome
2: The Quantum Agriculture Instrument
2: KRT Down Under! Order in Australia
3: The Mk2 Seeker: Introduction
4: The Mk2 Seeker: Initial Set-Up
5: The Mk2 Seeker: Accessory Set-Up
6: The Mk2 Seeker: Analysis
7: The Mk2 Seeker: Broadcasting - Direct
9: The Mk2 Seeker: Timer Configuration
10: The Mk2 Seeker: Broadcasting - Timer
11: The Mk2 Seeker: Increasing Effectiveness

Mk2 Seeker

Vol. 11: 2017

The Kelly Research Report was not published in 2017.

On Vacation

Vol. 10, No. 2: Spring 2016
1: View from the Dome
3: Introducing George Kuepper
3: Radionics in Agriculture by George Kuepper
4: Radionics in Ag - History
5: Radionics in Ag - Basics of Ag Radionics
7: Radionics in Ag - Accessing Radionics
8: Radionics in Ag - Summary
8: Radionics in Ag - References
9: Radionics in Ag - Further Reading
10: Radionics in Ag - General Readings
11: Radionics in Ag - Suggested Readings
12: Quantum Entanglement in Nature

Radionics in Agriculture

Vol. 10, No. 1: Winter 2016
1: View from the Dome
3: KRT History - 38 Years of Radionics
4: KRT History - 2nd Generation Instruments
5: KRT History - Phase Array Antennas
6: KRT History - The Silver Sephorah
8: KRT History - The Seeker and Beacon
10: KRT History - The Replicator & Book 2
11: KRT History - Tuning Station & Book 3
11: KRT History - Perfect Spiral Antenna
12: KRT History - The BETAR Coils
13: Light Exposure Linked to Fitness
14: 2016 Planting Calendar

History of KRT

Vol. 9: 2015

The Kelly Research Report was not published in 2015.

On Vacation

Vol. 8, No. 4: Fall 2014
1: View from the Dome
2: KRT Tuning Station Showcase
3: Radionics by Donald J. Mattioda
4: Radionics How-To Manual by Don Mattioda
11: 2015 Planting Calendar
12: 2015 Calendar of Indications
12: Exercise First, Eat Second

Radionics by Mattioda

Vol. 8, No. 3: Summer 2014
1: View from the Dome
2: Pocket Perfect Spiral Antenna
3: Corn Syrup: More Toxic than Table Sugar in Mice
4: The Hemodimagnometer by Calbro Magnowave
5: Dr. Abrams' Pathoclast
6: Cosmiculture by T. Galen Hieronymus
10: Lettuce Factory
11: Technique of Radionic Diagnosis by Delawarr Lab
12: Converting the Delawarr Rates


Vol. 8, No. 2: Spring 2014
1: View from the Dome
2: Community Contributions
4: Introducing the Omron Adjustable Timer
7: BETAR: 7 Pathways to Relaxation!
8: BETAR: The All-New Pro 700 Amplifier
10: Linking Heart Disease and Dental Care
12: Updated Fertilizer Worksheet

Extra: 2014 KRT and Other Events
Extra: May 2014 Course Information
Extra: 2014 Great Radionics Expo Information
Extra: 2014 Catalog
Extra: What is BETAR?

Omron Timer

Vol. 8, No. 1: Winter 2014
1: View from the Dome
2: Featured Books: Food Plague
2: Featured Books: Radionics, Reality and Man
3: Featured Books: Plants, Soils, Earth Energy and Radionics
4: Book Excerpt: Radionics, Reality and Man
6: Featured Books: A Fun Short Course in Beginning Radionics
7: 2014 Planting Calendar
8: 2014 Calendar of Indications
8: Solar Magnetic Field Reversal Complete
9: New Evidence: The Universe is a Hologram
10: Radionics FAQ: Phase Array Antennas
12: Save Big on Discontinued Original Phase Arrays!

Radionics FAQ

Vol. 7, No. 3/4: Summer/Fall 2013
1: Great Radionics Expo - Update
4: Great Radionics Expo - Program Descriptions
8: Great Radionics Expo - Program Schedule
8: Grand Gateway Hotel Meeting Area Map
9: Great Radionics Expo - Expo Market Vendors
10: Expo and Radionics Workshop Rates & Info
11: Community Contributions: Donna Ditton
12: Introduction to Kelly Radionic Antennas
15: Kelly Antenna Designs
19: Introducing the Perfect Spiral Array Antennas
23: Reagent Showcase
24: KRT Bookshelf: The 2013 Producer's Conference

KRT Radionic Antennas

Vol. 7, No. 2: Spring 2013
1: View from the Dome
2: Community Contributions
3: KRT Great Radionics Expo - Speaker List
4: KRT Great Radionics Expo - Program List
7: KRT Great Radionics Expo - Registration
8: Radionics and the Vibratory Nature of Matter

Special Supplement: The Hieronymus Patent
Special Supplement: Raymon Grace Seminar

KRT Great Radionics Expo

Vol. 7, No. 1: Spring 2012
1: View from the Dome
2: Book Feature: The Idiot's Guide to Crystals
3: Radionics Book 3: Cover
4: Radionics Book 3: Creative Commons Copyright
5: Radionics Book 3: Table of Contents
6: Radionics Book 3: Dedication
7: Radionics Book 3: How to Use This Book
9: Radionics Book 3: Sample Pages
11: Muscles of the Leg
12: Modern Wheat: "Perfect, Chronic Poison"

Radionics Book 3: Sample Pages

Vol. 6, No. 4: Winter 2011
1: View from the Dome
2: Upcoming Training & Events
3: KRT Tuning Station: Now w/ Lamps
4: Reports from the Field: Geopathic Stress
5: Pathological Elimination: Permission & Balancing
7: Pathological Elimination: Dissonant Patterns
10: Pathological Elimination: Auric Bodies
12: Pathological Elimination: Physical Realm
12: All You Need is Love: Part 2

Pathological Elimination

Vol. 6, No. 3: Fall 2011
1: View from the Dome
2: Large Sample Wells
3: Wireless Power Transmission a Reality
4: Accessing the Chakras in Any Auric Body
5: The Silver Sephorah Signal Multiplier
7: How Often Do You Quote Shakespeare?
8: Unusual Reagent: The Ana BeKoach
9: Noble Winner: DNA Molecules Can Teleport
10: Working with Entropy
11: 2012 Calendar of Indications
11: Klebsiella Pasteurella
12: 2012 Planting Calendar

Silver Sephorah Signal Multiplier

Vol. 6, No. 2: Summer 2011
1: View from the Dome
3: "Vitality & Wellbeing" Spagyric Elixir
4: Introducing: The KRT Tuning Station
5: Why Choose the KRT Tuning Station?
10: Unusual Reagents
11: Test the Implant Rates
12: Farewell Katherine Larsen

Why Choose the KRT Tuning Station?

Vol. 6, No. 1: Spring 2011
1: View from the Dome
2: Farewell to Pat Schmidt
3: The KRT Theory of Radionics
8: Selection and Use of Reagents
10: All You Need is Love
11: KRT Reagent Sets
11: Radionics vs. Radiation
12: Radiation Worksheet

Selection and Use of Reagents

Vol. 5, No. 4: Winter 2011
1: View from the Dome
2: Founder's Day Special 2: The Black Beacon
3: Radionic FAQ
5: Introducing the 2011 KRT Electronic Rate Book
11: Herbal Encyclopedia: Olive Leaf
12: Psychic Attack!
Extra: Psychic Attack Worksheet
Extra: Upcoming Training Opportunities

Environmental and Chemical Sensitivities

Vol. 5, No. 3: Fall 2010
1: View from the Dome
2: The Black Beacon
3: New BETAR Vibroacoustic - Master Edition
3: Reports from the Field
4: Metals and Toxicity
5: Environmental and Chemical Sensitivities
7: Environmental Sensitivity Worksheet
9: 2011 Planting Calendar
10: 2011 Calendar of Indications
10: Upcoming Training Opportunities
11: BETAR Emitter - RELAX
12: BETAR Emitter - SLEEP

Environmental and Chemical Sensitivities

Vol. 5, No. 2: Summer 2010
1: View from the Dome
2: Understanding Radionic Rates: Part II
4: Somatids: The Key to Wellness
5: Ticks and the Diseases They Carry
6: Lyme and Coinfections Chart
7: Tick Worksheet
8: Solar Flare Activity on the Rise
9: Gem, Metal and Mineral Rates
10: Chemicals and Poisons
11: KRT + USPA = Energy + Information!
12: Radionic Thoughts

Understanding Radionics Rates: Part II

Vol. 5, No. 1: Spring 2010
1: View from the Dome
2: Radionic FAQ
3: Coming Soon: The Replicator
6: Radionics Case Study: Part 1 - Replicator Balancing
9: Radionics Case Study: Part 2 – ACES Worksheet
10: The Colon
12: Julie’s Meat Fix-All

BONUS: The ACES Worksheet

Radionics Case Study

Vol. 4, No. 4: Winter 2009
1: View from the Dome
2: Book Feature: The Secret Art
3: Radionic Thoughts
4: Radionic FAQ
5: Herbal Encyclopedia: Fennel
6: Scan Your Own Radionic Rates
9: Smooth Caterpillar Worksheet
11: 2010 Planting Calendar
12: 2010 Calendar of Indications
12: Visit the Dome at the KRT Open House
12: Upcoming Training Opportunities

Scan Your Own Radionic Rates

Vol. 4, No. 3: Fall 2009
1: View from the Dome
2: New Products and New Savings at KRT
3: Radionic Thoughts
4: Focused Intent and the Instrument
5: Plant Care Worksheet
7: Gardening with Essential Oils
8: Boring Insects and Caterpillars Worksheet
9: Herbal Encyclopedia: Turmeric
10: Four Reports from the Midwest

Four Reports from the Midwest

Vol. 4, No. 2: Summer 2009
1: View from the Dome
2: BETAR ELF: Earth Resonance Generators
4: Radionic Thoughts
5: Get Some Sleep for a Healthy Heart
6: Herbal Encyclopedia: Asparagus
7: Comparing Photographic Witnesses
9: Coming Soon: The 3rd Generation Large Ag Workstation
10: H1N1 Swine Flu: Pandemic or Panic?
11: The Skeleton: Right Hand Dial Locations
12: Ode to Friar Tuck

Photographic Witnesses

Vol. 4, No. 1: Spring 2009
1: View from the Dome
2: Jumbo Beakers for the Large Input Well
3: Radionic Thoughts
4: Basic Gardening & Agriculture: Introduction
6: Basic Gardening & Ag: Seed Selection
7: Basic Gardening & Ag: Plant Anatomy
8: Basic Gardening & Ag: Plant Deficiencies
10: Basic Gardening & Ag: Soil Additives
11: Basic Gardening & Ag: Chemicals & Poisons
12: Basic Gardening & Ag: Insect Pests
14: Basic Gardening & Agriculture: Weeds

Seed Selection

Vol. 3, No. 4: Winter 2008:
1: View from the Dome
2: Understanding Radionic Rates
3: Radionic Ratebooks at KRT
4: Intro to Radionic Instruments
5: Key Elements of Radionics
6: The Operator and Focused Intent
7: Three Advanced Strategies
8: Glyphosate Toxicity
9: Coming Soon! The Mark III Workstation
10: Herbal Encyclopedia: Elderberry
11: 2009 Calendar of Indications
11: Elderberry Remedies
12: 2009 Planting Calendar

Diagram of a Radionic System

Vol. 3, No. 3: Fall 2008
1: View from the Dome
2: KRT Labware
3: Radionic Thoughts
4: Chakra: Gateways to the Energy Universe
6: Report from the Field: Evidence of EDB
7: Chakra: Applications and Techniques
8: KRT Color Reagent Sets
9: A.C.E. Quick Tune-Up Worksheet
10: Chakra Reference Chart
11: Facing a Health Challenge II
12: Introducing: Dome Healing Center

Chakra: Gateways to the Energy Universe

Vol. 3, No. 2: Summer 2008
1: View from the Dome
2: Radionic Thoughts
3: Psychotronic Farming: An Interview with Peter Kelly
7: KRT Connections
8: Advanced Potentization
10: Celestial Solutions Prayer Stones
11: Facing a Health Challenge
12: The Secret of Life

Interview with Peter Kelly

Vol. 3, No. 1: Spring 2008
1: View from the Dome
2: The Magic Light Bulb
3: KRT: 30 Years of Radionics
7 : Introducing: The Seeker
8 : Introducing: The Beacon
10: Reports from the Field:
Mycobacterium * Red Diesel Fuel Dye
11: Essential Nutrients
11: KRT Essential Nutrients Reagent Sets
12: Herbal Encyclopedia: Aloe vera

Company History

Vol. 2, No. 4: Winter 2007
1: View from the Dome
2: Utilizing Light and Color
3: Operation of the Kelly Personal Ag Analyzer
6: Meridians: The Eastern Paths to Energy Balance
8: Wheel of the Meridians
9: Body Meridians Chart
10: Meridian Index Analysis
11: 2008 Planting Calendar of Indications
12: 2008 Calendar of Indications
12: 72 Hour Kit for Emergency Preparedness


Vol. 2, No. 3: Fall 2007
1: View from the Dome
2: Radionics: Making Decisions - Not Guesses
3: Tooth and Bone Mass Worksheet & Locations
4: Dental Meridian Relationship Chart
5: Tooth and Gums - Cross Section View
6: Garden Rate Sampler
7: Raucous Staphylococcus!
9: MRSA "Superbugs" Versus Essential Oils
10: Platt Carrying Cases
11: Eight Guidelines for Avoiding Cancer
11: Paying the Price of War
12: Shining More Light on Fluorescents

Garden Rates

Vol. 2, No. 2: Summer 2007
1: View from the Dome
2: CD - Healing the Family Soul
2: KRR Follow-Up
2: 300-ml Pyrex Griffin Beakers
3: The Canaries in the Gold Mines
5: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
6: Mercury - Handle with Care!
7: The Phase Array Antenna
9: Single Dial Rates - Right/Alphabetical
11: The Kelly Large Ag Radionic Analyzer
12: Colony Collapse Disorder


Vol. 2, No. 1: Spring 2007
1: View from the Dome
2: Meet Alana Woods
2: KRR Goes Quarterly
3: BETAR: The Sound of Relaxation
5: Radionics - Action at a Distance: A new DVD from Col. Tom Bearden
6: Food Recall Grips Nation
7: Single Dial Rates - Right/Numerical
9: The Handheld Signal Generator
11: Electromagnetic Frequency Digest

Electromagnetic Frequencies

Vol. 1, No. 5/6: September - December 2006
1: View from the Dome
2: Wireless Power
5: 2007 Planting Calendar
6: Herbal Encyclopedia: Resveratrol
9: Weather Alert: Hypothermia
10: Potentizing & Homeopathy
14: 2006 - 6th Hottest Year on Record
15: 2007 Calendar of Indications
15: Mistletoe
16: Happy Holidays from KRT

Wireless Power

Vol. 1, No. 4: July - August 2006
1: View from the Dome
2: Radionics and Gardening
4: Little Farms Research Booklets
5: The Experimental Anapathic Purifier
6: A Spoonful of Honey
7: Weather Alert: Floods
8: Exploring Focused Intent

Radionics & Gardening

Vol. 1, No. 3: May - June 2006
1: View from the Dome
3: Water: The Foundation of Life
5: Author Spotlight: Learning about Water with "Dr. Batman"
6: Weather Alert: Tornadoes
8: A Statement on Climate Change
8: What are the Sources of Greenhouse Gases
8: About the U.S. National Academy of Sciences


Vol. 1, No. 2: March - April 2006
1: View from the Dome
2: Killer Psychic Forces
3: KPF Worksheet
3: Quick Tip: Dietary Fiber
4: Schumann Resonance Frequencies vs. Electromagnetic Pollution
5: Weather Alert: Lightning
6: Hot Mineral Baths
7: Mineral Bath Schedule
7: KRT's Essential Oil Collection
8: Organic Products: Consumer Profiles


Vol. 1, No. 1: January - February 2006
1: View from the Dome
2: Grand Opening Sale!
3: Smiles: Cheaper by the Dozen
4: 2006 Calendar of Indications
5: Earth's Magnetic Field is Fading
6: Essential Oils: Pharmacy of the Ancients
6: Book Feature: Aromatherapy A - Z
7: KRT's Essential Oil Collection
8: KRT's Essential Oil Care Packages

Magnetic Field

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