Kelly Research Technologies produces a line of experimental variable-capacitance radionic analyzer/tuners for use in detection, assessment, and balancing of the in-phase and phase-reversed scalar frequencies that define the physical shape of our universe. Since company founder Peter J. Kelly sold his first analyzer back in 1978, literally thousands of these experimental devices have been built for customers who utilize them daily in the management of crops, livestock, and other resources.

Scalar energy - the shape of the universe. Modern electromagnetic physics has proven that all electrons, protons, and other subatomic particles exist in a state of continuous motion and unbelievable energy at the level of the atom. While all of the particles are universal and uniform - the electrons in an apple are the same as the electrons in a steel girder - the patterns in which these subatomic particles move and the wavelengths at which they resonate dictate which tangible, physical shapes are manifested in the "real" world. Detection of these wavelengths and assessment of their relative strengths is possible through the use of the four dimensional longitudinal electromagnetic waves identified by Nikola Tesla, whose inventions also include RADAR, the first patent for wireless transmission (radio), and the alternating current (AC) electrical power generation and transmission system that makes modern life possible. Unlike the transverse waves that make up standard radio or electrical signals, Tesla's "scalar" longitudinal waveforms modulate accordian-like in their direction of travel directly to and from the detector and the source object being measured, thus allowing direct interaction with the energies that provide the basis for all physical objects and entities in the known universe.

Parallel Plate CapacitorParallel plate capacitors for maximum sensitivity. All Kelly Research Technologies radionic analyzers utilize custom-made variable plate electro-mechanical capacitors that physically resonate with the signals being detected and transmitted, a critical factor in completing the energetic circuit between the instrument and the trained operator. Like adjustable tuning forks, these capacitors ensure 100% analog signal processing - all harmonic, resonate and phase conjugate waveforms dowsed by the researcher will remain bundled to the core signal. The result is a radionic instrument with the sensitivity to match the abilities of the user.

The Kelly Research Technologies Guarantee
All Kelly Research Technology radionic analyzers, subsystems and devices are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Send your purchase back undamaged within 30 days and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

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