BETAR Mood-O-Matic Mood Tone Generators produce low frequency magnetic waves that may gently stimulate naturally-occurring wakeful relaxation.


Stressed out?

Easily agitated?

Can't focus?

You need to RELAX!

Mood-O-Matic: RELAX emits a low frequency tone associated with the low alpha range of human brainwave activity - wakeful relaxation. The RELAX Tone – 7.83 hertz (cycles per second) – is the naturally-occurring frequency of resonance between the Earth’s upper atmosphere and the surface of the planet: The Schumann Earth Resonance Frequency. Below the range of normal human hearing, this soothing hum was the dominant background frequency for all living things until the arrival of the modern age, when heavy exposure to high energy electrical power grids and telecommunication signals became the norm.

Mood-O-Matic: RELAX may allow the mind to reverse this effect by serving as a peaceful source of stimulation that can allow the user to remain centered in a positive state of deep relaxation. This is similar to the person who plays soothing classical music in her home in order to drown out the noise and clamor coming from the busy street outside. The noise outside is still present, but the listener’s focus is drawn to the relaxing music being played inside the house.

Mood-O-Matic: RELAX is unobtrusive at home, in the office, or in the car. Because the RELAX Tone is generated using a coil antenna, the waveform may be perceived as a low hum or not at all. Many users describe a wave of calm settling into the room when the unit is turned on.

For those users who need an extra boost, visual entrainment may also be achieved by directly focusing on the LED indicator lamp, which flashes in time with the RELAX Tone. This technique is not recommended for those individuals adversely impacted by flashing lights.

Put an end to unwanted irritation with the flip of a switch and RELAX!
BETAR MOOD-O-MATIC: It's automatic!


A truly portable device, measuring just 4.2" x 2.4" x 0.8" (107mm x 60mm x 20mm) and powered by 9 volt battery. Fits easily in a pocket, in a purse or clipped to your belt, these units are designed to reach approximately 3 feet (1 meter) in any direction, with greatest effect nearest the unit. 60-80 hours of continuous use can be expected from a 9 volt battery.

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$94.00 - two or more

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Micro Mood-O-Matic: RELAX


How can the RELAX Tone be beneficial if it is below the range of human hearing?

What we call "sounds" are actually mechanical vibrations that can travel through air, liquids or solids and that are recognized by the human ear drum. While vibrations moving below around 20 cycles per second (hertz) are not heard by the ears of the average person. For this reason, Mood-O-Matic Mood Tone Generators use the BETAR dual-spin coil antenna to create a low level energetic field to directly stimulate the body's natural electrical/energetic field.

Just as musical tuning forks resonate when exposed to harmonic frequencies, the human body can sense and resonate in response to those tones below 20 cycles per second. This is especially true since four out of five of the normal activity levels of the human brain have been measured to be within these sub-audible ranges of vibration:

Brain Activity State Frequency Range Description
40 Hz and higher
Focus & Perception
13 Hz to 40 Hz
Alert & Active
7 Hz to 13 Hz
Wakeful Relaxation
4 Hz to 7 Hz
Dreaming & Meditation
4 Hz and below
Deep Dreamless Sleep

The average person may perceive a low frequency BETAR Tone as a soothing hum, or perhaps not at all. But the body and brain will recognize these tones and, through the principle of entrainment, will often seek to find a state of resonance with the external tone. In this way, the brain may pleasantly and easily fall into rhythm with the BETAR Tone, producing a comfortable shift in mood and state in the process.

How are the BETAR Mood Tones generated and emitted without a speaker?

The BETAR Mood Tones are generated electronically using solid state technology. These electronic signals are then delivered to a BETAR dual-spin coil antenna - inventor Peter Kelly’s version of the bifilar coil first patented by the father of modern electricity - Nikola Tesla - in 1894. The result is an low frequency field that simply allows a feeling of calm, relaxed awareness to settle over a space without interfering with normal conversations or activities.

Tesla Bifilar Coil KRT Elf Coil
Tesla's Bifilar Coil
BETAR Dual-Spin Coil Antenna

What is Schumann Earth Resonance?

Just as musical tuning forks resonate when exposed to harmonic frequencies, the naturally-occurring electromagnetic and atmospheric activity of our planet resonates in harmony with a family of frequencies that are defined by the distance between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere - the conducting plasma layer of the atmosphere that stretches from 40 miles to 950 miles above the ground. These Earth resonance frequencies range from 7.83 to 59.9 cycles per second (hertz).

The were first documented observations of global electromagnetic resonance were recorded by Nikola Tesla in 1899. They were first predicted mathematically by the German physicist W. O. Schumann in 1952, then located experimentally by Professor Schumann and a colleague in 1954. For his contribution, the Earth Resonances were named for Professor Schumann.

The Earth Resonance Frequencies have been present throughout the history of the world. It should be no surprise that this planetary hum would have a special relationship with the life forms that live upon it.

Do BETAR Mood-O-Matic Mood Tone Generators block unwanted frequencies or "electro-smog"?

Modern life subjects most of us to constant bombardment by high energy frequencies that can impact our personal energy and affect our brainwave states. Just as brainwave entrainment can allow the brain to migrate toward a relaxing tone, the human brain can also migrate toward high energy tones that can be responsible over a state of over-stimulation. For example, fluorescent lighting flickers on and off at the rate of 60 cycles per second in the United States - twice the speed of a movie theater projector. People who work under these kinds of high intensity lighting often have a difficult time relaxing at the end of the work day.

The BETAR Mood-O-Matic Mood Tone Generators cannot block these external frequencies, they can provide an alternative dominant stimulus needed to allow the brain to remain centered in a positive state of relaxation. This is analogous to the person who plays soothing classical music in his or her home in order to drown out the noise coming from the busy street outside. The noise outside is still present, but the listener is focused on the relaxing music being played inside the house. The Mood Tone Generator produces a low frequency wave that is "heard" by the body rather than the ears through direct resonance of the electrical/energetic field.

The LED indicator light flashes in time with the frequency, so visual entrainment may also be achieved by focusing directly on the light.


The BETAR Mood-O-Matic Mood Tone Generators are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Send them back undamaged within 30 days and we will refund your money with no questions asked and comments welcome.



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