Radionics Book 2

KRT Radionics Book 2: Applied Radionics

Take control of your energetic destiny with this hands-on manual featuring step-by-step instructions for safe and succesful use of all KRT radionic analyzers and potentizers, as well as advanced strategies, techniques and topics.

Much of the information in this book is directly applicable to other two-dial analyzers, including Hieronymus, Rogers, Mattioda and Lightning devices.

A Kelly Research Technologies exclusive!

Radionics Book 3

KRT Radionics Book 3: Radionic Rates - Alpha

This book is the result of more than 35 years of compiling, collecting, and creating radionic rates for two-dial instruments. A reference volume for use in energetic research, this database includes more than 13,800 rates and is sorted alphabetically.

Ideal for for use with all Kelly instruments, as well as all Hieronymus, Rogers, Mattioda, Lightning and SE-5 radionic devices.

A Kelly Research Technologies exclusive!

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