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Since 1978 the Kelly family has delivered top quality radionic instruments to the vast community of “subtle energy” researchers and practitioners through invention, manufacture and distribution of the famous Kelly Analyzers. Today we strive to deliver a complete line of supporting products, supplies, devices, training, and information and to serve as a comprehensive resource for all radionic research.

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Join us in Columbus, Ohio, on August 10 and 11 for a grass-roots celebration of radionics and the energetic arts! 24 speakers will deliver programs on a variety of topics, including crop/herd agriculture, personal healing, and Earth energy engineering. The Expo Market will put participants face-to-face with the manufacturers of radionic equipment, esoteric technology, and information.

Click HERE to download a PDF summary of all speakers, programs, vendors, groups, workshops, and events scheduled in conjunction with the KRT Great Radionics Expo, as well as a registration form. Or visit the Training and Events page to see the same information online. Call today to register: 706-782-2524, or fax your registration form to: 706-782-1047.

This event is being held at the Columbus Airport Marriott. Click here to visit the website of the Columbus Airport Marriott.




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